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Being with Sisel since 2013, has given me the opportunity to help many people in having lasting results with not only their health, but also the ability to live the life that was usually just a dream!!

I am a loving mother devoted to my family and helping others take control of their health and life. Because of Sisel, I have the time freedom to stay at home with my children while I help others reach their goals. 

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After retiring early from Boeing as a aircraft mechanic, I went back to school at Pima Medical Institute and graduated as a phlebotomist. I was introduced to Sisel in May of 2017 by my neighbor, Dorothy Byler. We have since teamed-up to help inspire confidence in those around us and to strengthen each and every household with Sisel products. Our values are what we believe and are passionate about achieving, and we strive to do what is right in our words and actions. We are accountable firstly to ourselves, then to associates, and consumers.